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Moshi Bags/Cases

Moshi Bags/Cases

New Moshi Cases for the New iPhone and MacBook

Moshi is excited to bring you a series of stylish Bags and functional accessories for your new iPhones and MacBook

From our newest releases to our bestselling classics, we think there's no better fit for your new iPhones and MacBook

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Venturo is a slim laptop backpack with a crossbody design that lets you sling your bag from back to ..
$168.20 Ex Tax: $145.00
Description This sakura pink VersaCover from Moshi includes a snap-on polycarbonate backside cove..
$75.40 Ex Tax: $65.00
Description This cocoa brown Aerio Lite Vertical Messenger Bag from Moshi is designed to accommod..
$127.60 Ex Tax: $110.00
Description This sky blue Aerio Lite Vertical Messenger Bag from Moshi is designed to accommodate..
$127.60 Ex Tax: $110.00
Description Codex features a sleek wrap-around zipper for quick packing and unpacking. Its cla..
$104.40 Ex Tax: $90.00
Description Codex 13 is an ultra-slim and lightweight protective carrying case designed to insula..
$116.00 Ex Tax: $100.00
Concerti for iPhone 5/5s is a flip case that provides 360-degree protection against scratches and sh..
$58.00 Ex Tax: $50.00
Complete 360-degree protection for your iPad mini. Rotating swivel design for portrait and landscap..
$75.40 Ex Tax: $65.00
iGlaze 5/5s Burgundy Red - 99MO061321   iGlaze is Moshi's flagship line of hardshell ca..
$40.60 Ex Tax: $35.00
iGlaze 5/5s Coral Blue - 99MO061501 iGlaze is Moshi's flagship line of hardshell cases. It's a sl..
$40.60 Ex Tax: $35.00